We at Agnie, specialise in developing and managing end-to-end web-website related services for E-Commerce & Fin-Tech businesses!

E-Commerce Store Setup

We specialise in building a robust E-Commerce store with infrastructures such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.

To run & scale a successful E-Commerce business, your digital footprint adds a significant value to your business. 
Our team understands this E-Commerce ecosystem well. We not only help you create a Seamless Web-Store but also consult you at every stage of your business growth.

Agnie's Rapid Business Consultation (RBC)

You have a nifty idea that needs to take shape, and you’re searching for E-Commerce experts. You send us a draft framework and together we flesh out the details (via emails and a scheduled call).

Quality Skills

The various E-Commerce best-practices are dependent on thorough knowledge of the concepts and also require the knowledge of various Data Points to further measure the performance.
Customer Acquisition Strategy 62 %
Engagement & Retentions 86 %
Precise Analytics & Growth Data 68 %
Balancing Scale with Profitability 80 %


Best in Class Web-Store Services

The structure of your Web-Store is majorly driven by the type of products you are selling, mapped to the attributes of your ideal customers. Relevant customisations drive better engagement and higher conversions

A well optimised store contributes significant value to your business growth. We implement a continual process of managing and optimising your store

There is an abundance of statistics that has be looked at while making your business calls. We help you prioritise your decisions by building a quick ‘analytics dashboard’ for you, based on your goals.

While running a marketplace your sellers are the ones who play a vital role in your incremental scale. We build a Seller-Dashboard for you, so that you can keep your sellers updated with orders  to the monthly settlements.

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