We at Agnie, specialise in developing and managing end-to-end web-website related services for E-Commerce & Fin-Tech businesses!

Infrastructure Management

Agnie Ensures Pace For Your E-Commerce Business

Agnie’s infrastructure management services offers comprehensive services and solutions
to enhance the performance, availability, efficiency and capacity of your eCommerce business
A few of Agnie’s offering include an integrated IT monitoring and management platform 
and a security management platform.

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Our strengths

Expert maintenance capability of all types of systems. Fast response and resolution of any problems or issues.

Web-Store Security

- We analyse your existing setup & re-structure it using relevant tools & services to secure your website in an efficient manner
We setup monitoring processes which gives timely alerts and act on those alerts effectively to stop the attack

Development & Deployment Processes

- Our best practices include, proficient requirement gathering and setting up relevant processes providing complete transparency
- Our best in class Deployment & Project Management processes ensure timely delivery with at most code safety

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We follow a standardised process of understanding your business, analysing the problems that you are facing and accordingly consult you with essentials that are required to scale your business