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Magento Migration

A migration that makes your store more efficient

Migration of Magento to Migration 2 is a serious work that needs to handled by experienced professionals.
Agnie's significantly experienced team of magento professionals make this migrations safe.
To migrate successfully and avoid issues, our team of Magento professionals thoroughly plan and test your migration. This way we keep safety first approach constant throughout this migrations.

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Our strengths

Expert maintenance capability of all types of systems. Fast response and resolution of any problems or issues.

Expert Solutions

We use the newest technologies to check our work, share it and improve it. We are very efficient thanks to our advanced knowledge and experience.

Knowledge of Business

Understanding business rules helps us meet your needs. We don’t blindly complete your requests, but we analyze your requirements and advise accordingly so that the delivered solutions are effective

Transparent Partnership

Working with us you’ll always know at what stage your project is and where it’s headed. A team of dedicated Project Managers will ensure both quality and timelessness of your project

Focus on Goals

The world isn’t perfect and we are aware of it! This is why our clients get all possible help with starting the assignment and during the project. We work hard to assist you in achieving your goals easily

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